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    On-the-spot in Africa

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    Finishing of a church building

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    Finished church building

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    Education of pastors

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    Helping the poor


Karibu Sana! Welcome to the Brotherhelp for Africa!

The Brotherhelp operates in Arusha. It is a development and educational project financed by donations and sponsorships from Germany.

We help communities which have started to build a church and are not in a position to complete this without financial and technical assistance.

We enable children from poor families to attain a solid school education at a christian private school in the form of sponsorship.

In addition we support young people with a vocation to the ordained ministry in their education and training to the pastoral and spiritual pioneering work and foster the foundation of churches. In addition, we help people in need, families and children in acute

Our responsible body is Freie Christengemeinde Die Brücke, Bad Kreuznach.

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