Karibu Sana! Welcome at Brotherhelp for Africa!

Brotherhelp for Africa helps to build church buildings and sponsors bibleschool students.

Helping people in Need sponsors children from poor families with school education. We also help people in need, families and children in acute emergency crises.

The ministry is sponsored by Die Brücke - Freie Christengemeinde e.V. in Bad Kreuznach, germany.

Founders and leaders are Friedhelm and Rosemarie Wentland, who have been working in Africa for over 35 years.

Help for brothers in Africa

Church Building

Since 1988 we have been helping congregations, that have started to build church buildings but are unable to complete it without financial and professional help. With the help of God and our construction team, we were able to help finish building 300 churches in the past 30 years.

Training pastors

In addition, we support young people with a calling to ministry in their pastoral training, support spiritual pioneering work and church planting projects.


Between 4-8 times a year we send a newsletter with reports and current events of our work.

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Helping people in Need


Education is an essential key to a secure future. We finance school education for children through sponsorships. We enable a child to attend schools to get a good education. We personally know all those in need, their families and regularly go and visit them. We know the families and school environment and continuously monitor the kid’s development.

Helping the poor

Poverty in Tanzania is high and very often shattering. We help people in acute emergencies finding ways to help them help themselves by:
• Finance sewing courses and purchase sewing machines to establish independent work
• Help with housing
• Financing medical care, medication or hospital stays
• Buying food in case of acute famine


We finance ourselves exclusively through donations.

Our donation account:
IBAN DE46 5605 0180 0004 9375 61 | BIC MALADE51KRE

To: „Bruderhilfe“(Help for Borthers) or „Menschen in Not“ (Help for people in Need) : Freie Christengemeinde e.V. Bad -Kreuznach
Bank Name/Address: Sparkasse Rhein- Nahe, Berliner Strasse 46, 55583 Bad Kreuznach

Donation receipts are given with a named donation and full contact information issued annually and are tax deductible (according to German regulations).



Since 1995 we have focused our ministry exclusively on Tanzania. This enables us to pool our available resources and use them in a more focused manner.
Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in Africa. But it is rich and beautiful with its diversity of landscape and culture. Tanzania is about three times the size of the Federal Republic of Germany and is bordered by eight other East African countries, framed by the three largest African lakes and the Indian Ocean.

The population of Tanzania is growing rapidly - but poverty and diseases such as malaria and AIDS result in a high mortality rate. More than 20 percent of the population has already been infected with the HI virus.
Tanzania has compulsory schooling for seven years - but because of the rural exodus, there are not nearly enough school places available for all children. Many children must grow up in cities without schooling.


Images showning our daily life.

Children on the street
Bare brickwork of a church
Our team on the building site
The work is nearly done
Friedhelm on his way
Inauguration of a church
Finished churchbuilding Kirche
Children in a school
Rosie talking to people
Helping with a sewing machine


Feel free to contact us via email, if there are any questions or if you want to start a sponsorship.