Building Churches

We support church communities which have started to build a church and can´t complete it without financial and technical assistance.

Such church building projects arise from specific requests by christian communities, as a result of mission trips or from church founding projects.

Kirchengebäude im Rohbau

We only support christian communities that have already started with the construction of their churchbuilding and were able to raise the outer walls including the gables. This is a proof of the faith and the will of the church community.

As a project basis we conclude a contract with the leadership of the church, which controls the cooperation, the division of tasks between the members of the church and our craftsmen-team and holds the schedule. So for example the church is responsible for accommodation and the meals for our craftsmen-teams and provides volunteers for simple work.

Fertiggestelle Kirche

According to the agreed schedule the material and one of our three-man-crew is sent to the construction site to build up the roof with the support of the church people.

The church is responsible for the financing of the windows, doors and the soil. As soon as all materials are available, another craftsmen-team is sent to the church to complete it.

Festliche Einweihung der Kirche

The team installs the concrete floor and the screed, fits in windows and doors and plasters the church from in- and outside. On the buildings front end a platform with stairs is constructed. Now the church is completed and can be handed over to its purpose.

The dedication is celebrated with a big party followed by a banquet. Besides the church community many friends, neighbors, representatives of the city or village administration and regional church leaders are part of the celebration.

Arbeiterteam vor Ort

We employ three teams of craftsmen each consiting of three tansanian workers. With their jobs they get a regular salary and a solid basic supply for their families.

The costs of a church building project amount - particularly in dependance of the size of the building - usually from 4,500 to 8,500 EUR. This is accounted for the roof between 3,000 and 5,000 EUR, for the screed-, plaster- and painting-work between 1,500 and 3,500 EUR.

Here you will find our current church building projects.

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