Friedhelm and Rosi Wentland got to know Torkild and Tabitha Jensen in Tanzania in 1987. Torkild speaks perfect Kiswahili. And so he served as a translator from the beginning for example during the opening ceremonies of churches. His children and Youth-mission leads to many contacts to Pastors and communities and often to new Churchbuildingprojects. Tabitha and Rosi are working very closely together in the organisation of Humans Need Help.
Friedhelm und Rosi Wentland

Friedhelm Wentland comes from Bremen (Germany), Rosemarie Wentland from Gödenroth (Germany). The two met in Bad Kreuznach where they got married in 1977. Until 1984 they lived with their family in Guldental. Friedhelm felt since his 10 years of age a call, for a missionary service in Africa. So it happened, that they moved with her family to South Africa in 1984, where Friedhelm led the mechanical workshop of Christ for all nations (CFAN). Because of mission trips of CFAN all over the african continent, they moved with their family from South Africa to Simbabwe, Tanzania and at least to Kenya. They moved back to Guldental in 1995. A few years Friedhelm flew from Germany to Africa to mission trips.

The Bruderhilfe for Africa was founded in 1988, when Friedhelm was confronted with an acute request to support a church building project during a mission trip for CfaN in Tanzania. This work grew over the years.
The work done in Tanzania has been coordinated a few years by Torkild Jensen, while Friedhelm still travelled through the African continent for mission trips for CfaN.

Since 2010 Friedhelm and Rosi are living at their own expenses in Arusha in Tanzania, to concentrate the main part of their time and energy directly on the spectrum of tasks of the Bruderhilfe and Humans Need Help.

Torkild und Tabita Jensen
Torkild and Tabitha Jensen are living in Tanzania since 1987. They come from Demark.

One to two times per month they arrange an Open-Air Children and Youth-mission for several Days. These events are visited by between 500 and 800 children each afternoon. In the evening, there are films about educational advertising on Aids, drugs and early pregnancy or christian films shown. More than a thousand children and adults follow the invitations to the evening events. These operations often lead to new Churchbuildingprojects.

In Arusha, in the Masai-land and the fringe area of Dar es Salaam they have each constructed churches, in which children pre school is held, food or sewing training courses for Aids-sick women are offered, to ensure that this often widowed women earn their living with sewing work. In the Masai-Land they also have five wells dug for the water supply.

Torkild and Tabitha Jensen in Arusha have a rest home for abused children. In co-operation with the „Amani nursery and primary school“ for around 500 pupils a school was founded, which was recently passed in Tanzanian sponsorship.

Here you can find more information about the service of Torkild and Tabitha Jensen.

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